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The cartridge had a pointed, spitzer-style, cupro-nickel-jacketed bullet of 174 grains with a 37-grain Cordite charge and would remain basically unmodified up until the demise of the Lee-Enfield in the service.
In another remark made in the course of his Cordite interview Kinsella declares, "Language is a thing in itself.
It was soon discovered that the high burning temperature of Cordite quickly eroded the rounded Metford rifling, which led to the adoption of square-cut rifling designed at RSAF that increased barrel life.
The girls worked all day long with highly explosive materials, TNT and cordite among them, the explosive powder to fill the shells and bombs came sealed in cloth bags which were discarded afterwards.
Cordite was made by extruding a mixture of nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin dissolved in acetone through small holes.
As co-presenter Hazel Irvine said when the molten Olympic rings were raised into the air, raining fake ore down on TV cameras: "There's a smell of cordite in this stadium.
Cor blimey, there's a real nip in the dark nights now, and as the icy cordite air of last weekend settles it's time to dust off the big, fat reds and pour yourself a glass - it's good for the blood don't you know.
The "phoney war" of warm-up matches, as England manager Martin Johnson described it, is over and Lawes is desperate for a whiff of Rugby World Cup cordite.
The burning was the small of cordite from the fantastic firework display and the car alarm had be inadvertently triggered by the noise of the fireworks.
That was a nice article by Steve Gash (December '08), but there were some omissions, We are led to believe the Mk VII cordite round followed the Mk I black powder round.
Out in the foyer in this beautiful hotel was like in a fog with all the smoke and cordite and an inch of water over the beautiful marble.