core frame

buck frame, core frame

A wood frame which is built into a partition, constructed on wood studs, to receive a door lining; a subframe.
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With minimal bodywork and an open cockpit, the Honda Project 2&4 shows off its core frame and functional components, much like a motorcycle, and is similarly compact.
The structure reveals the core frame and functional parts of the car, much as would be more customary for a bike, and is similarly compact.
The edges of the fabric should protrude halfway into the core frame while a pin is employed to hold the fabric in place during closing of the box.
NEW YORK-Retailers were seeking to strengthen their core frame assortments and add some fashion looks at last month's National Stationery Show here, according to manufacturers.
We are extremely pleased that TCG selected Cascade for its core Frame Relay platform as TCG continues to expand its service offering in this high-growth, data networking market.
The debut of the IAN-150 complements the company's already strong presence in the frame relay market, offering our customers an integrated SYNCHRONY solution from the low-cost branch node to the core frame relay switch.
This powerful frame relay package includes core frame relay support in accordance with The Frame Relay Forum's User to Network (UNI) Implementation Agreement (FRF.
Based on Ascend's industry-leading, carrier-class MAX TNT WAN access switch, MultiVoice on the MAX TNT delivers toll-quality voice that supports end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) across a core Frame Relay or asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) backbone.
Relatively flat revenue growth of its core Frame Relay switches, which account for about 80% of total revenue, and a large increase in DSOs, were two factors contributing to the sell-off.
This acquisition will have an immediate beneficial influence on Sync's core frame relay access business and will provide the foundation for Sync's next generation of high-performance, multiservice WAN internetworking solutions for enterprise and service provider applications.
Newbridge will supply ACS 4000 series routers from Advanced Computer Communications (ACC) as feeders into the core Frame Relay network.