core hole

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structural clay tile

structural clay tile units
A hollow masonry building unit composed of burnt clay, shale, fireclay, or mixtures thereof, having parallel cells or cores (or both) within a single tile.
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258 , 262 391-A & 386-B, Rcc Top Jacketing With Rcc Mini Column With Core Hole Column With Core Hole At Br No.
OTCPINK: XTPT), is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the drilling of its previously announced three core hole oil shale exploration and drilling program on its unconventional oil shale property located in Pasquia Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Each core hole lies within ten feet of its RC twin and generally supports the RC drill information.
Gold Reef has submitted split core from its first core hole (R8) to Chemex for processing and analysis.
Xtra Energy" or the "Company")(Pinksheets: XTPT), is pleased to announce that the Company has commenced preparations for an oil shale exploration and development core hole drilling program for its unconventional oil shale property located Pasquia Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada.
There is an option of a further core hole to be drilled if results dictate.
To date, the Company has drilled four core holes with encouraging results and plans to drill as many as three production test wells and a fifth core hole during the second half of 2007.
In a bid to finance a broader pilot and core hole program at its Karoo Central coal seam gas project in Botswana, Tlou Energy will raise a total of $13.
Coal evaluation core hole drilling completed during the 1970s and 1980s by the NSW Government has already identified the distribution and thickness of the coal measures within PEL 433.
05-32 - This core hole is located in the southern portion of LSR approximately 400 feet north of 05-31 with significant copper mineralization throughout its length.
The second core hole at Mopane ran across more than 38 metres of net coal after it was drilled to a total depth of 504 metres.
1 Hill Block (approximately 370 meters by 335 meters by 24 meters as defined by 7 Anaconda core holes, 1 Golden Star core hole and 7 Golden Star deep auger holes); and the Saddle Blocks (approximately 410 meters by 320 meters by 18 meters as defined by 4 Anaconda core holes and 37 Golden Star deep auger holes).