core hole

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structural clay tile

structural clay tile units
A hollow masonry building unit composed of burnt clay, shale, fireclay, or mixtures thereof, having parallel cells or cores (or both) within a single tile.
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This drilling programme was extended to include a third core hole to test the Red Cloud vein which has also been completed, added the company.
258 , 262 391-A & 386-B, Rcc Top Jacketing With Rcc Mini Column With Core Hole Column With Core Hole At Br No.
02 g/t Gold beginning at a depth of 60 m in core hole GC11-281, 104.
There is an option of a further core hole to be drilled if results dictate.
In a bid to finance a broader pilot and core hole program at its Karoo Central coal seam gas project in Botswana, Tlou Energy will raise a total of $13.
The second core hole at Mopane ran across more than 38 metres of net coal after it was drilled to a total depth of 504 metres.