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coreboard, Brit. battenboard

A wood-base panel used in plywood or laminated core constructions; the core, 1, to which faces are glued.
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will increase the price of coreboard and uncoated recycled board in Europe by 50 Euros/40 GBP, effective Oct.
Bowling: MacLeod 4 0 34 0; Drummond 4 0 24 1; Stander 3 0 24 1; Wright 2 0 17 0; Haq 4 0 19 2; Watson 2 0 19 0; England beat Scotland by 6 wkts S COREBOARD
Helsinki, Finland, have signed a definitive agreement to combine their respective European paper-based tube/core and coreboard operations into a joint venture that will operate under the name Sonoco-Alcore S.
The recycling of paper and board packaging can now increase in Finland with the fibre extracted from cartons and other paper and board packaging being used to make coreboard.
The product also incorporates HydraCore, an enhanced moisture-resistant coreboard that Bruce says is specially treated with resins to be resistant to swelling, Bruce also introduced SoundGuard, a sound dampening layer that is directly attached to the underside of some of its Traffic Zone planks.
The mill, located at 50, rue des Seigneurs in Montreal, has the capacity to produce 48,000 tons annually of primarily heavy-weight coreboard that has been principally used for the Company's internal converting operations.
Sonoco Alcore will take advantage of the strength and quality of the virgin wood fibres found in cartons by turning them into industrial-strength coreboard at its paper mill located on the same site.
England beat West Indies by an innings and 83 runs S COREBOARD
To illustrate how its product resists swelling, Witex submerged a sample of raw Aqua Protect coreboard into a fish tank.
18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a recently announced coreboard price increase, Sonoco-Alcore S.
Stora Enso plans to permanently shut down by the end of 2008 Corenso's coreboard machine at Varkaus in Finland with an annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes, which is part of the Industrial Packaging business area, due to persistent profitability problems.
Corenso produces cores and coreboard for industrial use in various fields of business and Thiele produces china clay for the paper industry.