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short, thickened underground stem, usually covered with papery leaves. A corm grows vertically, producing buds at the upper nodes and roots from the lower surface. Corms serve as organs of food storage and in some plants (e.g., crocus and gladiolus) of asexual reproduction; they are often mistakenly called bulbs.



an underground shoot of a plant with an exterior that resembles a bulb (it is often called a bulb); however, its structure is similar to that of a tuber. The scaly leaves are dry and membranous. The nutritive reserve is stored in the pulpy stem. Corms are found in several plants, including crocuses, gladioli, and saffrons.


A short, erect, fleshy underground stem, usually broader than high and covered with membranous scales.


Botany an organ of vegetative reproduction in plants such as the crocus, consisting of a globular stem base swollen with food and surrounded by papery scale leaves
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In late January you can start corms off in the heated greenhouse and about a month later in the cool greenhouse or on the kitchen windowsill.
Plant in sterile potting soil, with the corms half-way above soil level.
The corms are quite expensive and too often people leave them in the ground to die or just throw them away.
In September, or earlier if the corm starts to put out new shoots, remove the old,dried compost and repot the corm using fresh compost.
These are corms not bulbs - the difference being that a corm is really a shoot with a piece of food stuck on underneath, whereas a bulb is a complete plant with flowers, leaves and everything present.
Before you know where you are, a few corms can magically multiply, their pale lavender flowers washing the dark ground with their presence, like spilt milk.
The son of Daoud Corm, arguably Lebanon's first independent professional painter, Georges Daoud Corm (b.
Native to Africa, the corm lives only one year, but as the parent corm dies, a new corm forms on the top of the old corm.
Soil samples from a cave occupied by early islanders contain corm fragments, report ethnoarchaeologist Seetha Reddy of Statistical Research Inc.
NNA - 16/6/2011- "Change and Reform" parliamentary bloc member, General Michel Aoun, received Thursday at his residence in Rabiya former Minister George Corm who congratulated him on the formation of the cabinet which "bears his (Michel Aoun) touches and has a strong reform approach.
These physiological characteristics, together with cytological information and morphological features of the corm tunics, bracts, bracteols, leaves, flowers and seed, have been used to divide the genus into a hierarchy of subgenera, sections and series, and to define the species within those infrageneric groupings [31].
By using this geographical orientation, Corm attempts (largely successfully) to break free from the religion-oriented analyses of the region, instead focusing on topics such as the failure of the Middle East to modernize during the 18th and 19th centuries, and why the current politics of the region are characterized by division and conflict.