corner cracking

shrinkage cracking

Cracking of a concrete structure or member owing to failure in tension caused by external or internal restraints as reduction in moisture content develops, or as carbonation in the concrete occurs, or both.
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00mm include among others, gauge corner cracking, side- wear, corrugations, wheel burns, shelling, high and low dipped joints.
The visitors racked up 122-2 with Matthew Corner cracking an undefeated half-century and Niall Cutter adding 26.
At present the team has only focused on detecting defects near the surface of the railhead such as gauge corner cracking, where a shallow crack can block the ultrasound from penetrating down to a deeper crack behind it.
It highlighted the problem of gauge corner cracking (GCC) - a metal fatigue which was known to cause broken rails - and recommended that checking procedures on tracks should be stepped up.
The first discovery of dangerous gauge corner cracking (GCC) on the East Coast mainline at Aycliffe was a "dress rehearsal" for the fatal smash in October 2000.
He told the Echo: ``A lot of progress has been made by Railtrack and the train com-panies in pulling performance back from the days of Hatfield and gauge corner cracking.
Railtrack refused to confirm or deny the existence of a warning letter but admitted that there had been "major problems" with the track around Potters Bar - referring to the gauge corner cracking.
That in turn, made the corner cracking problem worse so we got even more downtime.
2) Electric Arc Welding Repairs, squats, wheel burns, guage corner cracking - personnel to be certified in both manual and automatic flux cored and stick welding for carbon and manganese steel.
The court heard the affected track was suffering from GCC - gauge corner cracking - where the metal is "literally fatigued and tired out by contact with the rolling stock".
The report was to find out the causes of gauge corner cracking -- the issue that caused the Hatfield accident.