corner guard

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corner bead, angle bead, angle staff, corner guard, corner molding, plaster bead, staff bead

corner bead, 2
1. Any vertical molding, usually a plain, filleted, or quirked bead, used to protect the external angle of two intersecting surfaces.
2. A strip of formed galvanized iron, sometimes combined with a strip of metal lath, placed on corners before plastering to reinforce them.
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From vertical protectors for vulnerable corners, to industrial-grade wall guards that keep carts from damaging corridors, the new Eagle Mat Wall and Corner Guard store offers a variety of solutions designed to prevent damage, reduce maintenance, and eliminate the need for costly renovations.
Other additions to the line include 24-karat gold-plated corner guards and logo identification plates, and new quilted decking on the foundation.
Millwork is available in more than 115 colors and finishes, including eight new muted palette selections, It is also available in Johnsonite's ColorMatch[R] colors that match its entire line of flooring, stairwell components, corner guards, and more.
Remove all corner guards in all areas indicated in gray and replace with 25 new 48 x 2
Pawling Corporation's new 28-page catalog introduces the 2003 PRO-TEK[R] line of handrails, corner guards, and wall and door frame protection products.
Customers turn to Koffler for a wide range of products, including stair treads, corner guards, non-slip tape, floor matting, floor edging, rugged cabinets, door protection, non-slip floor coating and much more.
The frames of the case cover the edges of the front touch screen and back glass plate of the iPhone 4/4S which, when combined with robust resin corner guards and integrated shock absorption, means that it is fully protected.
Millwork is also available in Johnsonite's 30 ColorMatch[R] colors that match the entire line of flooring, stairwell components, corner guards, transitions, and other finishing solutions, enabling total color coordination throughout the space; custom colors are also available.
Among the additional features included are reinforced corner guards, signature figure-8 top and side carrying handles, and distinctive embossed leather strip to set this collection apart from the crowd.
For example, virtually all LTC facilities use corner guards that can meet both permanency and decorativeness tests.
Childproofing Tools -- Gates, cabinet and drawer locks, outlet covers, furniture corner guards and much more
Walls should be equipped with corner guards and wall protectors to accommodate gurneys or wheelchairs.