corner molding

corner bead, angle bead, angle staff, corner guard, corner molding, plaster bead, staff bead

corner bead, 2
1. Any vertical molding, usually a plain, filleted, or quirked bead, used to protect the external angle of two intersecting surfaces.
2. A strip of formed galvanized iron, sometimes combined with a strip of metal lath, placed on corners before plastering to reinforce them.
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Ideal applications for the Tip-Top range are corner molding, the manufacture of small molded parts and/ or small batch sizes.
One new grade, which adheres to thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) systems and to existing EPDM rubber profiles, is designed primarily for glass run channel corner molding applications that require a low coefficient of friction.
Once the works were varnished, many students wanted to frame the work with corner molding, which in some cases we had to cut thinner to avoid too much overlapping of the design.
introduces a new solid surface insert cutter for faster uniform corner molding.
Lavida said defiantly as her young granddaughter kneeled in a corner molding the clay on a twirling wheel.
The outside corner molding that wraps around the front of the columns is easy to make on a table saw, or you can buy a similar molding at most lumberyards.