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Most dogwood fruits are super bitter and not edible, but one palatable species is called Cornelian Cherry (available from The root-bark tea from normal Dogwoods used historically as an astringent (stops bleeding), pain-reducing anti-inflammatory, laxative, cough suppressant for malaria, fever, uterine problems and diarrhea. Twigs are chewed to clean and whiten teeth.
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Although there are many varieties that look great over the winter, there are others with excellent flowers such as cornus mas, flowering in late winter with lemon yellow flowers on the bare stems.
Alan McCabe: his Cornus returns to turf at Pontefract on an appealing mark
Cornus alba will tolerate wet or dry conditions but if you have really wet ground, the North American species Cornus stolonifera revels in damp conditions.
Alan McCabe, trainer of Cornus "He is a horse who can get himself into trouble in his races and he didn't have a hard race at Newmarket on Saturday.
CORNUS ran out a narrow winner of the opening two-year-old event at the Craven meeting, but Richard Hughes had a little up his sleeve.
The fruits of the Chinese dogwood, Cornus kousa, are quite delicious when ripe.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Cornus (Dogwood) SOME dogwoods like Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire' become attractive during the autumn, when their leaves turn a delicate yellow-orange before falling to reveal fantastic stem colours.
Cornus Corporation, a pioneer in providing advanced information management and delivery systems, today announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with AMSI, a division of Geac Computer Corporation Ltd.
WITHIN our native hedge are several cornus and willows.
A FAIR COP: Within our native hedge are several cornus and willows.
Eric Allen, by email - Eric Allen, by email AYOU are lucky enough to have a cornus - maybe kousa or chinensis.