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As a demonstration of this technique an exoplanet that was previously hidden in the glare of the light of the host star spilling past the coronagraph, was recently revealed in an 1998 Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) image.
Dorst gave the obligatory warning of the danger inherent in this challenging observation; 'observers should not risk their eyesight by pointing a telescope toward the Sun without adequate safety precautions and should recall that no telescope can be made to show the corona or prominences without a proper coronagraph or narrow-band filter.
The continuous operation of the LASCO coronagraph since 1996 has resulted in the longest and most complete database of CME properties ever assembled.
Large plates of the Sun were taken twice daily with the Photoheliograph and a continuous record of Solar surface activity was made on 35mm film with the Lyot Coronagraph.
A random graze of topics turns up scientific output of single-aperture imaging of exoplanets, tidal constraints on planetary habitability, resolved imaging of extra-solar photosynthesis patches with a laser-driven hypertelescope flotilla, how to consolidate efforts within the community and the related agencies, the extraterrestrial life debate in different cultures, and the ExtraSolar Planetary Imaging Coronagraph.
Search for brightness variations in FeXIV coronagraph observations of the quiescent solar corona.
3 in LASCO C2 coronagraph images, moving southward from directly underneath the occulter; the comet brightened and showed a nice tail before entering the C3 field of view, where it began to fade [IAUC 7694, 2001 Aug 28].
Exo-C's coronagraph is similar to what some ground-based planet-hunting telescopes use already.
Hours before ISON reached perihelion, stunning images taken by SOHO's Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph (LASCO) showed the bright, elongated tail of the onrushing comet.
A coronagraph blocks out the glare of the central star so that the disk can be seen.
Tenders are invited for: Prototype compact wide angle coronagraph
Another group, led by Karl Stapelfeldt of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, is studying the alternative method known as a coronagraph, in which the occulting disk is inside the telescope.