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7] prepared nylon66/clay nano-composites in a corotating twin-screw extruder and the morphological evolution of clay along the screws was examined with different screw configurations and mixing regions.
Edmond Roelof and George Simnett of the Ulysses team suggest that perhaps corotating shocks do form at high latitudes - but at distances from the Sun farther than Ulysses ventured.
The compounding method, the kind of HT used and its amount clearly influence the morphology and consequently the properties of PLA-HT composites prepared using either a corotating twin-screw extruder (TSE), a counter rotating TSC and SSE.
A typical system includes a corotating intermeshing twin screw extruder equipped with a side stuffer, feeders, hot face pelletizer and vibratory cooling tower.
It is therefore possible to see the conical twin screw corotating system operating on a product for which it was designed.
MARIS generated $15 million in sales in 1990, about 80% abroad, for 47 corotating twin-screw extruders.
Compared with the RTD for anthracene as a free tracer, the RTD function obtained in either counter-rotating or corotating configuration by this UV polymeric tracer showed a shorter mean residence and narrower distribution.
The prepared melt then goes directly to the Coperion corotating twin-screw extruder, where fillers and other additives are incorporated.
6 kg/hr; conical model in counter or corotating 33 mm, 13:1 L/D ratio for extrusion races to 5 kg/hr; and stand-alone 20-mm clamshell barrel twin-screw extruder with counterrotating segmented screws, 40:1 L/D, up 1200 rpm.
Even if different processing techniques may be used for thermoplastic polymer nanocomposites synthesis, corotating twin-screw extrusion remains the most popular, mainly in reason of its great flexibility in terms of screw profile design and mixing configurations.
ZSK corotating intermeshing twin-screw extruders in N1EGAcompounder or MEGA-volume design for compounding polyolefins, engineering resins, color additive masterbatches, and blending reinforced plastics.