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1. a noncommissioned officer junior to a sergeant in the army, air force, or marines
2. (in the Royal Navy) a petty officer who assists the master-at-arms


2, corporale
a white linen cloth on which the bread and wine are placed during the Eucharist



military rank of noncommissioned officers in various foreign armies (the US, Great Britain, France, Italy, and others). In the Russian Army, the rank of corporal is referred to as early as 1647; it was officially introduced by the Military Regulations of Peter I. In the first half of the 19th century it was replaced by the military rank of noncommissioned officer.

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Corporal Connal was the dangerous blackguard you have seen.
It was Corporal Connal of ours, and the thought of him takes my mind off the certainly gallant captain who only that day had joined our division with the reinforcements.
And now to the gallows-bird who was still corporal of our troop: it was not long before Raffles was to have his wish and the traitor's wicket.
The spot that we eventually chose and stealthily occupied was behind some bushes through which we could see down into the donga; there were the precious horses; and there sure enough was our wounded corporal, sitting smoking in his cloak, some glimmering thing in his lap.
But Raffles paid no attention to their fire; he was pointing downward through the bushes to where Corporal Connal stood with his back to us, shooing a last charger out of the mouth of the donga towards the Boer trenches.
Corporal James Dunsby died at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital from multiple organ failure a few weeks after the march.
Immediately the grenade went off and there was a big bang," Corporal Gurung said.
WASHINGTON, July 24, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has selected Corporal James L.
Hajj was unconcerned by Hariri's death, the corporal testified.
A Vatican spokesman said the pope did not advocate corporal punishment.
Using the cipher 1A to protect his identity, he offered his condolences to the families of Corporal James Dunsby and Lance Corporals Craig Roberts and Edward Maher.
KITTED OUT Portrait of a corporal by Army photographer Sergeant Russ Nolan

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