corporate portal

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corporate portal

An internal website (intranet) that provides proprietary, enterprise-wide information to company employees as well as access to selected public websites and vertical-market websites (suppliers, vendors, etc.). It includes a search engine for internal documents as well as the ability to customize the portal page for different user groups and individuals. It is the internal equivalent of the general-purpose portal on the Web.

There are several comprehensive enterprise information portal (EIP) software packages, including BEA WebLogic Portal (, ATG Portal (, Sybase Enterprise Portal (, CleverPath Portal ( and Vignette Application Portal ( See portal, vertical portal, business intelligence portal and personalization.

Portal Software
Products such as MyEureka provided out-of-the-box portal software that could be customized. This example is a page that delivered news and links to pages and sites of personal interest. (Screen shot courtesy of Information Advantage, Inc.) See MyEureka.
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A basic corporate portal has absolutely no ability to assure the quality of the underlying information.
It is likely that most of the specialized corporate portal companies are running at a loss at present.
Portal Author provides site administrators with the necessary components required for the development of efficient, easy-to-navigate corporate portals.
The alliance provides each CU*Answers client with the increased ability to easily exchange secure financial information within its organization and also participate in shared communication with other credit union clients through the Passageways corporate portal.
It is the second corporate portal built by Ford using Plumtree technology, following the rollout of the myFord.
Over 2,000 Emerson Motor Company employees rely on their My EMC Corporate portal to collaborate and communicate with each other, using it to increase productivity and meet the changing information needs of the company.
UK utility British Gas has installed at its Southampton premises the Plumtree Corporate Portal from enterprise web solutions provider Plumtree Software.
The new InterAction Gadget Web Services are components for integrating InterAction capabilities into the Plumtree Corporate Portal, offering customers a comprehensive solution for extending CRM capabilities to professional services firms that use corporate portals as the gateway to their business resources.
The synergies between EBS's Instant Internet Builder and the Passageways Corporate Portal Framework will provide our customers with enhanced automated management for business-related tasks," said Neil Anderson, CEO of EBS.
With the addition of the Mariner software the Mobile Corporate Portal will be offered as an extranet service to TIM's dealer network.
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