corporation stop

corporation cock

corporation cock
A valve which is placed in a water or gas service pipe of a building, near its junction with the public water or gas main.
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Between the water main in the street and the meter, there's also usually a buried curb stop valve (accessible only by city workers wielding special long-handled wrenches) and a corporation stop, where your house water line hooks up to the water main.
The tapping drill is mounted on the corporation stop and the tap is made.
complete construction of replacing existing blue poly water service lines with new black hdpe from the corporation stop to the angle stop along with required fittings, valves and pavement repair.
install thirty six (51) 5/8" meter assemblies, inclusive of tap & saddle, corporation stop, meter setter, and all appurtenances excluding service pipe; install three 1" meter assemblies, inclusive of tap & saddle, corporation stop, meter setter, and all appurtenances excluding service pipe; install 15 fire hydrant assemblies; install seventeen 1" air release valve assemblies; install two sampling stations; install 320 sy of 2" thick hot mix asphalt concrete; install 210 sy of 6" thick base course.
female; 15 ea 3/4" copper x copper union; 20 ea 1-1/2" corporation stop; 20 ea 2" corporation stop.
Water Meter Assemblies Will Consist Of All Components Necessary For Tapping The Existing Water Mains (Various Size Mains), Setting Of Water Meter Boxes, Spacer Bars, And 1 Hdpe Pipe Connection Between The 1 Ball Valve Corporation Stop At The Main And The Angle Meter Ball Valve At The Public Side Of The Water Meter And Stubbed Out 12 Beyond Back Of Meter Box And Capped Per Std.
Replacement of 71 existing service lines from the existing main line, at the corporation stop, to existing setters in existing meter pits.
Tenders are invited for 2 EA of repair sleeve 6"x10" SS; 1 EA of repair sleeve 6"x12"x3/4" SS-tapped; 800 LF of pipe 6" C900 PVC; 1,480 LF of pipe 6" PVC certa-lok RJIB; 9 EA of gate valve 6" resilient seated; 30 EA of corporation stop 3/4" CC thread x flare (ball); 1 EA of curb stop 3/4" flare x flare (ball); 1 EA of service coupling 3/4" flare x flare.
Service Line To Home And Community Water Main, Corporation Stop, Ball Valve, Heat Trace, Excavation,
The Service Connections Will Be Made From The Corporation Stop To The Interior Plumbing Connection.
Tenders are invited for Corporation Stop And Brass Fittings
10 piece dresser coupling 4" upvc, 100 piece corporation stop 3/4 compression type thread: npt length: 38mm width: 100mm ball type: stainless makings: iisc working pressure: 150psi manufacturer should be iso 9001:2008 certified; with icc or pns marki
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