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Commerce a person or firm that has regular business relations with another, esp one in a different part of the country or abroad



(1) Professional journalist who holds a staff position on a publication (a newspaper’s own correspon-dent), or who carries out special assignments of the editorial board (special correspondent), or who specializes in a given field of journalism (for example, a newspaper or magazine photographer).

(2) A contributor to a publication who does not hold a staff position but regularly does some work for one of the media of mass information or propaganda (worker or village correspon-dent, military correspondent, youth correspondent).

(3) The editorial board of a newspaper, radio station, or television station, contributing to another organ of mass information or propaganda (collective correspondent).

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PSVI was decreased for 13 %, but HVI and SVI where increased for 14,2 % and 18,7 % correspondently (p<0,05).
These modes were selected due to their potential practical utility, thus applying to the conductors correspondently equal voltages +1 V,.
Correspondently, we find the textual representation (natural language denotation and comments) as content for the particular ontology concept.
The research results about contact pressure regularities that change with time, are shown in figure 5a and 5b, while processing average amplitude of AE signals and signals from the strain gauges output correspondently.
Correspondently, as mentioned above, the first density peak of secondary feather follicles occurred at E26, and the diameter of secondary feather bulbs reached the first highest point at E24, and then sharply descended to the lowest point at E26 during embryonic stage.