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Table 2--Summary of Cosolvent Properties Cosolvent Type Open Time Early Water Early Hardness Resistance Development Fast hydrophilic - - + + Slow hydrophilic + - - - Fast hydrophobic - + 0 Slow hydrophobic 0 + - ++ Very positive effect + Positive effect 0 No noticeable effect - Detrimental effect--Strong detrimental effect
One type of composite nanofibers reported so far are prepared by multiple-jet electrospinning (3), (4), mainly because a cosolvent is hard to be found for each component.
These results point to the idea that adhesion to PVDF finishes can be significantly enhanced by choosing a topcoat coalescent or cosolvent which can effectively cause some softening or plasticization of the substrate.
4] prepared PANI-camphor sulfonic acid/epoxy resin composites using an alkyl phenol as the cosolvent, and cured them with a BF3-based agent.
From the results, t can be concluded that dibutyl adipate containing long carbon chains is the best cosolvent for the methanol-gasoline blends.
Solubilization behavior of poorly soluble drugs with combined use of gelucire 44/14 and cosolvent.
However, since there have not been many reports upon utilization of solvent-co-solvent mixture approach for modifying the active layer (P3HT/PCBM) morphology in an inverted device so, we considered in detail two processing techniques for the aforesaid cosolvent addition (before spin coating step) for active layer preparation in the inverted device.
Even though a part of the bark is extracted and, as a result, the total energy flow to the boiler is decreased, the cosolvent losses to the bark and the drying will increase the heat content of the extracted bark.
ethanol, n-propanol) is typically used as a cosolvent to enhance the pot life of the formulation.