cost breakdown

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schedule of values

A statement furnished by the contractor to the architect reflecting the portions of the contract sum allotted for the various parts of the work and used as the basis for reviewing the contractor’s applications for progress payments.
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So could somebody please explain to me, with a cost breakdown, how this kitchen could possibly cost PS200,000?
The selected Architect/Engineer (A/E), as a portion of its required Scope of Services and prior to submitting its proposals, will discuss and clarify with the Owner/Contracting Authority, the cost breakdown of the Architect/Engineer Agreement detailed cost components to address the Owner s project requirements.
They also supplied a cooking method, time plan and cost breakdown within a strict budget of under PS10.
Following a request from the PCB, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, under the Emirates Cricket Board, came up with a cost breakdown for the series three weeks ago.
The council has ordered up a report and is awaiting the city administration's reaction and cost breakdown.
Would Lord Elis-Thomas be willing to disclose a cost breakdown of this pounds 4,004, for the sake of transparency and accountability?
Her office supplied the cost breakdown late Wednesday, reports the Miami Herald.
The main opposition Democratic Party of Japan and other opposition parties opposed the measure, citing its vague cost breakdown and its ties to the controversial project of relocating a Marine airfield within Okinawa.
From Waivers, Notices, timelines, cost breakdown and budgeting, this book will teach you how to hire an architect, build a budget, track your costs, create and maintain your schedule, deal with inspectors, get a permit and much more.
Once an appointment has been made, everything will be clearly and carefully explained, including a cost breakdown sent by letter, which can detail likely total costs or fees per hour.
Ask each heating engineer to give you a cost breakdown for the boiler, radiators and gas line.