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Another game that was well handled by referee Ian Shepherd was Brookfield against Mottram with Brookfield running out 4-2 winners in an exciting game after Ryan Bromilow, Ed Marley, Anthony McIntyre and Andrew Fielding scored for Brookfield with Adam Costive and Mike Gorman scoring Mottram's goals.
The work has the brooding, vaguely costive "look" of so many of the women of the Pre-Raphaelite circle, women who frequently leave you with the impression that a greater helping of roughage in their diet might have eased their strained outlook on life just a little.
John Bowen's new book, an attempt "to elucidate the contribution of a poetic history to historical anthropology," is the first serious investigation of their ways since the great Dutch Islamicist Snouck Hurgronje's classic study of one hundred years ago, and, as an inquiry into the complex cultural experience of this remote and costive Southeast Asian people, is its honorable successor.
and only the most costive liberal or chickenhawk conservative could fail to be charmed by the Frost and maple syrup patriots of the Second Vermont Republic, which drips Vermontishness.
In Europe, the memory of warfare between the central states - all rich now and graying, and ill-suited to conquest -- rendered the possibility-domain of Europe's post-war, organizational visionaries, and now of her present, would-be constitutionalists costive in its narrowness.