costs, legal

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costs, legal:

see damagesdamages,
money award that the judgment of a court requires the defendant in a suit to pay to the plaintiff as compensation for the loss or injury inflicted. Damages are the form of legal redress most commonly sought.
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Thousands of people risk higher insurance costs, legal action and compensation claims, simply because they don't collect the right information at the scene of the accident.
The owners were also paid pounds 15,000 each to cover removal costs, legal fees and other expenses.
Despite the drive for lower costs, legal buyers were not supportive of firms outsourcing, with 67 per cent feeling negative about law firms outsourcing legal processes to companies in emerging markets, such as India.
Compliance with the proposed six-month effective date would force cities and towns to alter substantially existing projects, redraft plans, possibly rescind contracts, seek new bids, obtain new or additional financing and establish new construction schedules that could result in additional costs, legal difficulties and substantially delay completion of necessary projects.
Advertising, website costs, legal fees and payments to private detective agencies are understood to have made up the bulk of the bill.
Closing costs, legal processes, and options re covered through a series of checklists and charts plus online references, all of which will make the process easier, especially for beginners.
He said the house-building industry often offers help with deposits, moving costs, legal fees and includes white goods and carpets to ease the financial burden on those starting out.
Ben Hunter, head of the Newcastle team, said: "Our role has been to co-ordinate architects and engineers, obtain planning permission and manage the costs, legal procedures and the tendering process.
He works his way through determining the business plan; start up costs, legal issues, marketing, financial management, and human resources.