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But the rules of the cottage industry cannot be applied to the education sector which doesn't produce any utility items; schools are established to shape the minds of our future generations and to prepare them to be self-reliant and productive participants in society.
As a cottage industry, it had its origin from this place only.
And the cottage industry of talks and workshops that developed in churches of every Christian denomination as an outgrowth of The Da Vinci Code book might well be poised for a second act, or, at least, a curtain call.
The heart of the problem is that the health care industry is so fragmented and in some ways, still a cottage industry, said Gail Boudreaux, president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.
But there seems to have sprung up a cottage industry, especially among the landfill contingent, trying to say that this ADC product is no good.
This was first in the cottage industry - the whole family being involved in weaving cloth at home - and then later as employees at one of the local mills.
Reformers may want to read the book just to remind themselves that there really is a cottage industry of thinkers who believe that ideas like "competition," "choice," and "efficiency" are mortal threats to our kids and our way of life.
We've made quite a cottage industry here of trolling 'zines for comics.
Wind power is no longer a quaint, modest cottage industry, and it's not just some futuristic pipe dream, either.
Confusion about the HIPAA regulations has spawned a cottage industry.
Given the cottage industry nature of the business, this commitment to staying focused was new to clients and they liked the results.
Naming Tokyo, 2003-, the most recent product of Aleksandra Mir's ever-growing conceptual cottage industry, demonstrates both the artist's numerous strengths and her particular limitations.