cotton grass

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cotton grass,

common name for sedgessedge,
common name for members of the Cyperaceae, a family of grasslike and rushlike herbs found in all parts of the world, especially in marshes of subarctic and temperate zones.
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 of the genus Eriophorum.
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Similar projects on other sites in Northumberland have led to the re-colonisation of cotton grass, which is a major food plant of the Large Heath Butterfly.
The homes hit are in Cramond Drive, The Archies View, Salt Marsh Drive, Cotton Grass Court, Foxglove Gardens, Cloud Berry Place, Bothlin Court, Rutherford Drive, Rutherford Road, Carriesbrook Avenue, Robb Terrace, Lapwing Avenue and Blairhill Avenue.
Plant diversity rose again, but instead of reviving pre-ice Age species, moister soils allowed grasses to rise in prominence and new species such as horsetails, cotton grass, willows and other woody plants to invade.
Denali: Seek renewal in the sun-drenched valleys of Denali National Park to breathe in the clean notes of pure cotton grass and fresh spring air.
Sherlock Holmes and the Final Problem will be performed by the Cotton Grass Theatre Company, as part of the Live and Local touring professional theatre season, at Bedworth Arts Centre, in High Street, on September 9.
Plants that grow there include cloudberry and crowberry as well as sphagnum mosses, sundew, bog rosemary and cotton grass, which form a habitat for invertebrates such as the emperor moth and mountain bumblebee and for nesting wading birds such as the curlew.
Mr McCartney spent a week volunteering planting cotton grass on the moors above Marsden.
At least four of these handsome chaps are in full display among the cotton grass and sedges.
Sheep and cattle were also kept away from the shores of Llyn Gwynant to encourage the return of wetland species like cotton grass.
It supports a variety of bog mosses including heather, cotton grass and cranberry and is used in winter by visiting greylag geese.
He has also recorded more clumps of the rare Baltic rush in the botanical paradise that is the area's "Green Beach", where I admired a fine clump of cotton grass, bright white woolly flowers heads nodding in the breeze.
Cotton Grass, backed from 11-1 in the morning to 11-2 on course, narrowly landed a gamble for Mark Tompkins in the closing 1m3f handicap when shading Surprise by a nose.