cottonseed oil

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cottonseed oil:

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most important of the vegetable fibers, and the plant from which the fiber is harvested. The Cotton Plant

The cotton plant belongs to the genus Gossypium of the family Malvaceae (mallow family).
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Cottonseed Oil


a rich vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium) by pressing or extraction.

The specific component of cottonseed oil is the pigment gossypol, a toxic substance; the gossypol content determines the color and quality of the oil. Unrefined cottonseed oil is a reddish brown liquid, sometimes almost black in color, with a unique odor and bitter taste. Refined cottonseed oil has a straw yellow color.

The chemical composition and properties of cottonseed oil depend on the variety of cotton and the region and conditions of cultivation. Cottonseed oil contains 40–48 percent linoleic acid, 30–35 percent oleic acid, 20–22 percent palmitic acid, up to 2 percent stearic acid, up to 1.3 percent arachidic acid, and 0.3–0.4 percent myristic acid. It has an iodine value of 100–116 and a kinematic viscosity of 66.6 × 10–6 m2/sec at 20°C. Cottonseed oil is used to produce drying oil; refined cottonseed oil is a foodstuff and is used in the production of canned goods, margarine, and shortening.

cottonseed oil

[′kät·ən‚sēd ‚ȯil]
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One of Wan's first projects at SRRC was finding ways to improve the quality of cottonseed oil, which is difficult to refine because it contains natural pigments and variable amounts of free fatty acids.
The simulation results also show that model X predicts a negative consumption of palm oil and cottonseed oil under a no information scenario, a somewhat unreasonable result.
Ten CSM samples were obtained from different regions located in the main cotton producing areas of China and were all produced from cottonseed by pre-press extraction in local cottonseed oil processing plants.
They worked with Soy Cot to lease port facilities for exporting soybean and cottonseed oil.
After the expeller was installed, animal cake feed manufacturers began placing orders for cottonseed cake, and the cottonseed oil was sold for further processing into edible oil or to paint factories.
Plastics and foams made using fatty acid triglycerides--derived from vegetable oils, including castor oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, linseed oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, poppy seed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, and derivatives of these--have been developed.
The index comprises chickpea (chana), cottonseed oil cake, guar seed, jaggery (gur), cumin (jeera), pepper, mustard seed, soyabean, turmeric and wheat.
Cottonseed oil cake: The prices of cottonseed oil cake are mainly influenced by two factors-supply of cottonseed and availability of other substitutes such as mustard meal and groundnut meal.
The cottonseed oil is one of the healthiest oils for deep-frying and it is used for frying in commercial cooking.
I've read that they are made by hydrogenating cottonseed oil, which has a high content of pesticide residue.
The food index of manufactured items also went up as maida, sooji, oil cakes, imported edible oil, gur, and cottonseed oil became expensive.