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see pumapuma
or cougar
, New World member of the cat family, Puma concolor. Also known as mountain lion, catamount, panther, and painter, it ranges from S British Columbia to the southern tip of South America. The puma is slenderly built, with a lionlike face.
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(Felis concolor, or Puma concolor), also puma or mountain lion, a mammal of the family Felidae. The body length is usually 100–180 cm, the tail length 60-75 cm, and the weight approximately 100 kg. The cougar is brownish yellow, with the upper part of the body somewhat darker than the lower. The chin is almost white, and the tail is dark. The young have dark spots.

The cougar is found in the Americas, from Canada to Patagonia. It usually dwells along the edges of forests and in the mountains; it is occasionally encountered in steppes. The cougar is a nocturnal animal. A litter contains two or three cubs. Cougars are few in number throughout their range, and, in some places, they have been exterminated. They sometimes cause damage to livestock raising and the hunting industry. The hunting of cougars is restricted and, in some regions, forbidden.


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At the end of March, a trap set for the third cougar was deemed unsuccessful and removed.
Throughout the text the tone is descriptive, in parts perhaps overly anthropomorphic, but overall passionate about the potential for the return of cougars to the Midwest and Eastern United States.
At that time, ECO Gerrain (a self-proclaimed cougar skeptic) was used to getting reports of cougar sightings in his Adirondack region.
One young cougar marked in northern Wyoming appeared in northern Colorado, 300 miles from the original location.
Additionally, government agents - who were exempted from the ban on hound hunting - were sent into specific zones to indiscriminately shoot every cougar their dog packs and snares could secure for easy killing.
Introduction of the Texas cougars helped revive the panther population by increasing the size of the gene pool, decreasing the amount of inbreeding, and decreasing the number of harmful recessive genes found within the population.
Others are from ordinary people who described little-known aspects of cougar behavior.
A cougar needn't kill goats and chickens to be defined as a threat.
To protect the animals, California lawmakers voted to ban cougar hunting in 1972.
Caddy McKeown, D-Coos Bay, who told her colleagues that she had been stalked by a cougar when she was a child.
Management of the cougar population by hunting has never stopped, even after Measure 18.