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1. a barrister or group of barristers engaged in conducting cases in court and advising on legal matters
2. Christianity any of the counsels of perfection or evangelical counsels, namely poverty, chastity, and obedience


See also Guidance.
Courage (See BRAVERY.)
sage adviser to David; subsequently to Absalom. [O.T.: II Samuel 16:23]
counselor; advised Priam to return Helen to Menelaus. [Gk. Myth.: Zimmerman, 23]
hill near the Acropolis used for Athenian council deliberations. [Gk. Hist.: Benét, 46]
Chesterfield, Lord
(1694–1773) wrote Letters to His Son to educate him in the ways of the world. [Br. Lit.: Magill III, 565]
god of councils and advice; agricultural god. [Rom. Myth.: Kravitz, 65; Parrinder, 66]
wife, instructress, and advisor of emperor Numa. [Rom. Myth.: Jobes, 491; Avery, 426]
Hindu god acts as spiritual and military counselor to Arjuna and his family. [Hindu Lit.: Mahabharata]
Laurence, Friar
adviser to the lovers. [Br. Lit.: Romeo and Juliet]
Odysseus’s adviser; entrusted with care and education of Telemachus. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]
a sage old counselor to the Greeks in the Trojan War. [Gk. Myth.: Iliad]
gives Laertes rules of conduct. [Br. Drama: Shakespeare Hamlet]
Poseidon Hippios
god of counsel and councils. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 67]
precepts for living according to God’s law and common sense. [O.T.: Proverbs]
Way to Wealth, The
maxims intended to inculcate virtue and frugality. [Am. Lit.: Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard’s Almanack in Benét, 803]
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Advanced-level degrees in counseling or psychology can raise rates of pay and widen job prospects within the profession, but the tuition fees are daunting for many students," said editor Chris Edwards.
Yet pertinent research and clinical evidence support the idea that counseling approaches, when working with gifted children and adolescents, should be adjusted to accommodate their abilities and needs, both the proactive, developmentally oriented guidance and the responsive services related to personal crises, as advocated by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA, 2005) for all students.
We believe that career counseling that is context sensitive includes explicit, ongoing attention not only to the client's cultural contexts but also to the cultural contexts of the counselors.
Although, questions about the efficacy of needs assessment studies in predicting the actual use of counseling centers by students has been raised, Gallagher et al.
Section 3, Career Counseling for Clients with Differing Abilities, focuses on the differing intervention levels needed by consumers introduced in Chapter One.
One of the ongoing advantages of utilizing the success counseling model over time is that new counselors can grasp the techniques rather quickly After completing pre-camp with its emphasis on training in control theory and reality therapy, most counselors understand that success counseling is not only effective but fairly easy to apply One does not have to be a psychology major in college to understand the control theory/reality therapy process.
Within some state vocational rehabilitation agencies there are specialists in placement counseling.
Annual review: Practice and research in career counseling and development--2001.
This may manifest itself in an avoidance in utilizing psychological counseling.
Not surprisingly, the role of family is discussed frequently in rehabilitation and/or counseling literature when addressing cross-cultural issues (Chan et al.
To make the most of this benefit, Williams offers potential filers the following tips to help them choose a quality bankruptcy counseling agency:
School counselors are well aware that the current educational context requires working from an intentional and planned comprehensive school counseling program that utilizes what is known about effective interventions and practice.

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