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Attacking an attacker. Even though a criminal hacker or other agent is attempting to penetrate a security perimeter or damage systems, the counterattack must not violate applicable laws. See DOD cyberspace glossary.



an attack undertaken by defending forces against enemy forces that have driven a wedge in the defenders' battle formation.

The objective of the counterattack is to rout the enemy and restore the lost tactical position. The counterattack is one of the elements of troop aggressiveness on the defense; the counterat-tack is usually carried out by the defenders' second echelon and reserve forces with assistance from assault units that have not been attacked. Preparation for the counterattack is carried on in accordance with the stated aim of the battle and with consideration of the situation that has come about in the course of the fighting. The counterattacking troops may be supported by tank and air strikes and the fire of artillery, mortars, and other weapons. A successful counterattack is achieved by rapid, unexpected, and decisive action by the counterattacking troops at the moment when the enemy has not yet been able to consolidate and bring up reserves to develop the strike.

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When I commanded my Minuteman crew, for instance, I knew that any action I took to launch missiles would result in an immediate counterattack obliterating the military base where my wife and daughters lived.
With one of his platoons under severe attack and suffering numerous casualties, Andy gathered several mortar gunners, cooks, and clerks and organized a counterattack.
But in the seven servicemen who died quickly, the immune counterattack might not have had time to wipe out the virus.
Spyware staged a significant counterattack during the first quarter of 2006, according to latest State of Spyware report issued today by Webroot Software, the leading anti-spyware developer.
Together the aim is to identify, neutralize and counterattack emerging threats.
NATO doctrines with names like Follow-on Force Attack and Win Early, or the generic name interdiction, emphasize immediate counterattack behind the lines of a Warsaw Pact advance.
Offering the first evidence that creatures as simple as worms also have an effective immune defense, scientists report in the July 23 Current Biology that the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans mounts a counterattack when infected by bacteria.
I would counterattack in the FA Cup and the knock-out stages of the Champions League.
It was the heroics of private citizens on Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania when passengers staged a counterattack against the hijackers, that proved to be the only successful measure taken against the attackers that day.
So if they kill opponents by counterattack, that is what you have to stop - first of all no counter-attack, secondly, a minimum of six players behind the ball line so when you lose the ball there you have those six players there.
Cochran scored on an outside shot with 6:43 remaining and scored on a counterattack one minute later.
They look for secondary shots, as well as ways to stop the opponents' counterattack.