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the project will also consist of removal and replacement of all existing metal coping, counterflashing and sheet metal flashing.
Counterflashing fits into grooves cut into the chimney and covers the step flashing.
That made it more complicated to rough frame, and it made the flashing and counterflashing of the roof systems pretty complex.
In exposed flashing conditions without counterflashing, ensure the top termination is properly sealed and the termination bar is securely anchored to the substrate.
Problems frequently occur around base-flashing, metal base flashing and bituminous counterflashing, metal counterflashing, penetration flashing, drain flashing, gravel stop and metal edge strip, as well as problems with rooftop equipment, signs, braces, and supports.
all existing edge metals are figured to be replaced with new 24-gauge prefinished metal (coping, counterflashing, gutters, downspouts and expansion joints).
These step flashings are then covered with shingles on the roof side, and siding or another piece of flashing, called counterflashing, on the wall side.
They forget about proper metal counterflashing and crickets, or they simply just don't want to be bothered.
Tenders are invited for project consists of remove existing roof systems and existing lightweight insulating fill down to the structural roof decks; provide new roof insulation, both flat stock and tapered; provide new fully-adhered 60 mil reinforced epdm single-ply roof membrane and flashings; provide new sheet metal coping, counterflashing, gutters and downspouts; remove and salvage doors, hardware and other miscellaneous architectural items; provide doors and hardware; tuckpoint masonry; provide aluminum crossovers and roof ladders; provide exterior finishes; provide and install new lightning protection; provide exterior lighting.
FIGURE 1 The Big Picture Disposal of old roof assembly $45,000 Labor $24,300 Insulation for new roof $29,100 New roof membrane material $15,300 Metal for new perimeter counterflashing $ 3,600 Contractor overhead and mark-up $36,500 Replacement of damaged carpeting $25,000 Installation of new ceiling tiles $ 4,200
Notes: Work includes remove and dispose of existing roof system(s); including, but not limited to, all baseflashings, pitchpans, pipe jacks, metal coping cap, surface mount counterflashing and all other applicable roof related sheet metal flashings down to the structural plywood deck.
One flap of this chimney counterflashing is bent 90 degrees to fit into the opened mortar joint of chimney bricks (Fig.