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work carried on by special state organs to combat the intelligence services of other states.

In the capitalist states the counterintelligence system is composed of numerous central and peripheral organs, often dispersed over several government departments. It carries out counterintelligence against the intelligence services of all (including friendly) foreign states and actively works toward disrupting the activity of Communist and workers' parties and other progressive organizations. A major element in the work of the counterintelligence service of the capitalist countries is to prepare and carry out subversive actions against Soviet institutions, organizations, and citizens (and those of other socialist states) located in the capitalist countries. Covering all spheres of public life with a complex system of surveillance, the bourgeois counterintelligence service kindles among the popular masses a spy mania with respect to the socialist states and widely uses blackmail, bribery, provocations, and other such means.

In the socialist states the counterintelligence service fights against espionage, sabotage, terror, ideological subversive activities, and other activities of the intelligence and other special services of the capitalist states and the organizations and persons used by them; it enjoys the confidence and support of the working people.


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He has 31 years of Active Federal Service, 27 of which are in the counterintelligence (CI) discipline.
9) In addition, Hizb Allah has focused on improving both its intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities.
Of course, it's not easy to do good counterintelligence work.
Intelligence is the process by which specific types of information important to national security are requested, collected, analyzed, and provided to policymakers, the products of that process; the safeguarding of this information by counterintelligence activities; and the carrying out of operations as requested by lawful authorities.
2003: Assistant special agent in charge overseeing counterintelligence and administrative programs, Boston Division
We've come to the realization mat it's much easier to tram someone who's got a passion for cyber work to be a counterintelligence person than it is to take a counterintelligence guy and make him a cyber person," says L.
Batvinis's survey of the origins of FBI counterintelligence during the critical years 1938-1941, moreover, moves beyond the narrower focus of the few comparable works.
The National Intelligence Service and the Defense Security Command will have to bolster their counterintelligence capabilities, regardless of closer cooperation and more frequent exchanges with the North.
The work will now be carried out by a new department called the Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center, overseen by the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency.
Actually, it was a counterintelligence operation, since its mandate was to counter any real intelligence on Iraq with its own tendentious and, when the occasion demanded it, ludicrous interpretations of such matters as the links between al-Qaeda and Saddam--whatever it took to justify the war.
Historical Dictionary of Cold War Counterintelligence

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