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two successive lines of verse, usually rhymed and of the same metre



in a song or poem, a lyric strophe. In a musical couplet, a self-contained melody covers the lines of one strophe of a poem. With repetition through subsequent lines of the text, the melody may remain unchanged or may be slightly varied. In polyphonic songs based on couplets, the secondary voices may be subject to variations in subsequent verses; in songs with accompaniment, the accompaniment may change. Couplets are frequently begun with a lead-in antiphonal and rounded off by a refrain.

The Russian plural form of “couplet,” kuplety, is the name for a ballad of a jovial, humorous, or satirical type with a recurring refrain. It is found in vaudeville and musical comedy and in the 20th century became a genre of variety-stage song. Outstanding Soviet kuplety performers include V. Ia. Khenkin, B. S. Borisov, and L. O. Utesov.

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In the fourth couplet ("Hagar"), for example, Ali refers to the Islamic tradition that gives "primacy" to Ishmael, rather than Isaac, among Abraham's children, since the former is "Father of the Arab nation" (Rooms 105).
Here, as elsewhere, Tasso reserves for the couplet his play of verbal wit.
The above two couplets with ending words rhyming may well be written by pupils in a social studies unit dealing with "The Farm.
The Couplet app analyzes common conflicts in wedding planning, including meddling mothers-in-law and ways the couple can work together to avoid stress over wedding details.
autonomous closed couplets, wherein each stanza can stand independently.
Sadly, there was the usual crop of coughers to challenge the beat and though the music "soothed the savage breast" to a degree, the couplet ".
91) several critics offered both far-fetched and all-too-obvious explanations of the closing couplet of "Beyond the Alps," "one of Lowell's most perfect and impenetrable" images: "Now Paris, our black classic, breaking up / like killer kings on an Etruscan cup.
One of the rhyming words will always be an anagram, and the couplet itself will offer clues to help solve it.
Most adults will remember at least some occasions when gazing out of the window on a long, hot summer afternoon after lunch was infinitely more preferable than learning the difference between a rhyming couplet and a sonnet.
The coda to this little mea culpa couplet came when the mayor announced, once again through Kuwata, that he was returning the money, all $25,000 of it.
But while she points out in her introduction that the final rhymed couplet is an occasional pitfall even for a poet of Shakespeare's powers because of its detachability and tendency to anticlimactic summary, her emphasis in the commentaries on verbal repetitions in the couplets does not generally address the notorious question of their success as resolutions.
Although the critic does not specifically mention that the word groan also contains the sound of on, her analysis makes one fully aware of this fact by identifying on as the "KEY WORD" around which this sonnet is organized and groan the "Couplet Tie" (that is, a word that the critic finds repeated in the couplet from one or more of the first twelve lines of a sonnet).