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The coupling coefficient for water and acid as obtained using Eq.
The coupling coefficient, kf, is a measure of how strong this scaling is and depends only on cross-section information, which is why it is usually the output from a 2D field solver.
The property of importance is the electromechanical coupling coefficient of the films, which is a function of the processing temperature.
The eCoupled technology power supplies adapt to multiple loads and spatial configurations while maximizing energy transfer efficiencies by dynamically seeking resonance between the power supply and device at high frequencies to achieve the optimal coupling coefficient under all conditions.
The electromechanical coupling coefficient, kt, in the thickness direction, along with other characteristics, such as the mechanical quality factor, [Q.
The high coupling coefficient of Murata's Common Mode Choke Coils enables the customer to meet the Electromagnetic Compliance set forth by the FCC without affecting the signal for the data line.
The Choke Coil utilizes Murata's unique winding technology that enables a high coupling coefficient and excellent common mode noise suppression in the GHz range.
The LPR6235 family offers turns ratios as high as 1:100 and a coupling coefficient (k) of 0.
Employing Qualcomm Halo DD technology, with magnetic architecture optimization, ensures higher coupling coefficients and drives lower system currents, higher efficiencies and the ability to support higher power levels.
Methods for extracting coupling coefficients and external quality factors from simulations of the RF/microwave structure
VeloceRF extracts distributed models for RF interconnects, including magnetic coupling coefficients among interconnect lines and spiral inductive components.