course work

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coursed masonry, course work

Masonry construction in which the stones are laid in regular courses, not irregularly as in rough or random rubble.
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I think course work is a redeeming feature of the exam system.
My children went to the Westwood School and they went in the holidays to finish course work.
Qualifications: Eligible candidates have successfully completed course work that includes contract analysis and case studies as well as a proctored exam for each course.
Multimedia teaching tools have made it possible to influence and direct student learning in a comprehensive and decisive manner, and it has encouraged among students a more active engagement with course work, particularly in terms of the quality hours they have invested outside of class.
DOWN TO FINE ART: Range high school pupil Emma Campbell from Formby with some of the art course work which has won praise from examiners, teachers and pupils Picture: COLIN LANE
Specialized urban school counseling programs also offer required and elective course work for working with urban families and collaborating with teachers, special educators, and administrators.
A spokesman for Edexcel explained course work for the AS-Level counts towards the final A-Level grade.
Students who know how to use information resources and who recognize the essential characteristics and purposes of published materials have a critical advantage when adding to their knowledge base in any discipline, and they have a firm foundation for future course work.
The intent of examining the congruence between self-reports of ability and related activities and course work is to aid in reality testing and the development of self-concepts.
Courses serve a diverse audience in government, business, industry and institutional settings and include course work in program administration, recycling education, collection, processing and composting.
He notes that internet course work can be accessed at any time.