court tennis

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court tennis,

indoor racket and net game of ancient origin. It is believed to have originated (about the 14th cent.) in medieval France and is the forerunner of most modern racket games. In its early days the sport was known as royal tennis because of the interest it held for French and English royalty. Enjoying varying degrees of popularity over the years, the sport was first played in the United States in 1876. Court tennis is played on an indoor, concrete court 110 ft by 38 ft (33.53 m by 11.58 m), which is surrounded by four walls 30 ft (9.14 m) high. A player hits the ball—made of tightly wound cloth—with a 16-oz (.45-kg), 27-in. (68.5-cm) racket over the center net and plays the surface of the floor, the walls, and the ceiling to put the ball out of reach of the opponent. The scoring is intricate, and hitting the ball into wall openings also wins points.
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Riviere, originally from Charleston, SC, grew up playing court tennis at the Aiken Tennis Club in Aiken, SC.
Grass court tennis takes a different strategy and rewards good shot-makers.
Taking tennis games down the simulation route has always been the tack of the Smash Court Tennis series, and this third offering promises so much from the outset.
Send your answer with your name, address and daytime phone, number to: Smash Court Tennis Contest, Sunday Mailsport, 1 Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA by Friday.
And there's also the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Wars expansion pack for PC and Smash Court Tennis Pro for PS2character off in any direction, so to be prevented from exploring an area that looks like part of the foreground can be irritating.
The law of gravity is suspended or at least operates intermittently, and the rules are a mixture of 16th Century court tennis and Mayan lacrosse.
Islamabad -- Most of top seed players have confirmed their participation in five day long National Bank of Pakistan National Clay Court Tennis Championship 2014 beginning from Tuesday.
ISLAMABAD -- A total of 20 matches decided on the opening day of the 1st ACPL National Junior Hard Court Tennis Championship being played here at the courts of Pakistan Sports Complex.
A phase 1 & 2 project is proposed to provide a 70 space parking lot (Ph 1) and 10 court tennis complex (Ph 2).
ISLAMABAD, July 30 -- The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) is organising the National Clay Court Tennis Championship from August 1-6 here at the PTF Tennis Complex.
WORLD number four Andy Murray knows the upcoming clay court tennis season will be vital if he is to improve his ranking and close in on the top two.
Taking tennis games down the simulation route has always been the tack of the Smash Court Tennis series, and this third offering, ripped straight from the PSP version of around a year ago, promises so much from the outset.