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see military lawmilitary law,
system of rules established for the government of persons in the armed forces. In most countries the legislature establishes the code of military law. It is distinguished from both martial law (rule by domestic military forces over an area) and military government
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The officials who presided over the court-martial didn't buy Sterling's story, however, and she was convicted.
A special court-martial would have been comparable to a misdemeanour trial, a proceeding in which the most severe punishment is a year in prison.
General Court-Martial because our General Court acquitted a colored
Private Brennan's troubles began late in 1962 when he was convicted at a special court-martial of disrespect to a non-commissioned officer (NCO) and disorderly conduct in the barracks.
court-martial; (2) special courtmartial; and (3) general court-martial.
The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces ousted the previous judge, Col Gregory Gross, saying he appeared biased against Hasan, and also threw out his order to have Hasan's beard forcibly shaved before his court-martial.
On Tuesday, a court-martial with the same three presiding officers, all army major generals, opened proceedings against Fonseka for sedition.
The panel's third member was a close relative of the current army commander who initiated the court-martial, Dissanayake said.
SIR - I too, with Private Gavin Williams' mother, express my profound disgust at the Army's decision not to court-martial the three NCOs charged with his death in barracks at Wiltshire in 2006, and especially the officer, Capt Mark Davis ("Beasting soldier's mum fights on as Army rules out courts martial", Oct 30).
presents "Court-Martial of Apache Kid: Renegade of Renegades", the true story of how "Apache Kid", a first sergeant in 1887, left his post to avenge his grandfather's murder in the tribal manner--and the court-martial trial that followed.
Army has dropped plans to court-martial Specialist Eugene Cherry, who was facing a year in prison for being away without leave (NCR, May 25).
A week after Baker's mutiny, Hartwell and another officer testified at Goliah's court-martial and cited the pay issue as the salient cause of tension within the regiment.