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see military lawmilitary law,
system of rules established for the government of persons in the armed forces. In most countries the legislature establishes the code of military law. It is distinguished from both martial law (rule by domestic military forces over an area) and military government
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He was court-martialed for that offense and related
Considering that the vast majority of the military personnel court-martialed and convicted for disobeying a direct order and/or lying about it receive a minimum sentence of a dishonorable discharge, with loss of pay, rank and benefits, I'd say she has done pretty well.
The urine sample tested positive for cocaine, and the accused was court-martialed a second time.
Pacific Fleet, has broader standards for evidence evaluation and can be imposed swiftly, Chaplin said, adding that, for Waddle, the punishment will be as humiliating as being court-martialed.
It's a dangerous situation and the unit is more likely to send the Soldier back to the rear provisional unit [at Fort Bragg, North Carolina] to be court-martialed as opposed to doing it out here.
Navy Court of Inquiry reportedly recommended Friday that Waddle should not be court-martialed.