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A sequence of behavioral patterns that eventually may lead to completed mating.



in ornithology, special behavior at the beginning of the mating period by which the male or female bird attracts an individual of the other sex and by which the birds are brought to a state of readiness for mating. Courtship is a form of animal communication and is expressed in various ways. It may involve singing, special flights, the adoption of special poses to display brightly colored plumage, the construction of false nests, or fights and “tournaments.” Courtship behavior is especially characteristic of polygamous species, for example, the black grouse. The males gather together in special areas away from the females. In the rare case of polyandry, as seen in phalaropes, the female courts the male. Among monogamous species the male courts the female.

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The courtships and marriages that are successful are the "best friend" ones, the ones that are slow and steady and unfold over time," the Daily Mail quoted Huston as saying.
A courtship display, a physical demonstration of some kind, can often be what seals the link between a pair.
In fact, in all the cases in which the females attacked and killed or injured males, we registered no previous courtships by the males.
The courtships and marriages of Theodore Sedgwick and of his seven children span the American Revolution and the early republic, with Theodore first marrying in 1767/68, his children being born between 1775 and 1791, and all except Catharine marrying by their thirties.
They report in the March 22 Biology Letters that in 51 observed courtships, almost half the males suddenly "dropped dead.
Previous research had suggested that the brief courtships of these primates-including humans, baboons, and chimpanzees-don't exhaust the males, but a new, more detailed study challenges that view.
As the novel's courting young people portray the play's courting characters, Austen creates a labyrinth of connections between the drama's courtships and the novel's.
She notes that heterosexual courtships often were conducted actively by the couples themselves, and nor by the parents or guardians of couples (41).
As for condors, of which both the male and the female weigh roughly 25 pounds, there is also a somewhat lengthy courtships where they flutter their feathers, bow and ``display to each other,'' she said.
Boberg and Boberg (1990) in discussing relationships of persons who stutter noted that "two thirds of the courtships were conducted by means of dates as couples, rather than in a larger social group" (p.
Her characters come to life, bringing with them lessons about worship, courtships, politics, naming practices, and burial traditions.
The researchers then filmed the courtships as they unfolded.