cove base

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congé, 1
1. see apophyge.
2. A quarter-round concave molding, tangent to a vertical surface and succeeded by a fillet parallel to that surface.
3. In ceramic tile work, a sanitary base or sanitary shoe.
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Bodenbelagsarbeiten BA 3-4 (LV 09/2014) - 1,055 mA PVC flooring,- 820 m cove base.
The budgeted amount includes removal and disposal of existing carpet, removal and disposal of existing cove base, and the installation of new carpet.
This work shall include removal and disposal of old carpet or tile, floor preparation including patching, new flooring material and its installation, cove base and its installation.
Among the new entries in colorants, Teknor Color is introducing Tekpro Construction Color mini-bead concentrates in 14 hues for building products from cove bases to decking and fencing.