cover block

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1. In glazing, one of the small blocks of wood or other material placed on both sides of the edges of glass, during its installation, to center it, to maintain uniform width of sealant beads, and to prevent excessive sealant distortion under lateral loading.
2. A device which holds steel reinforcement in its proper position, or which holds wall forms at a given distance apart before and during concreting.
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During the watermark embedding procedure of our scheme, we set the parameter [lambda] to 3 for sufficient embedding capacity, which means that three LSBs of each cover block were replaced with watermark bits and the five MSBs were preserved.
To achieve better image quality on both the stego image and the extracted secret image without extra storage space, the proposed DCT-based approach hides the most significant DCT coefficients of each DCT secret block into non-significant parts of each DCT cover block.
She highlighted the fact that though the Prashiskshak Portal has started only for DIETs, it will cover block level institutes in the future and identify gaps at the bottom of the pyramid.
It will cover blocks Z5-C and Z5-D and surrounding open acreage in this deltaic area which is believed to be prospective.
The packs cover blocks 729 in Jirdab, 732, 740 and 734 in Hawrat A'Ali, 913 and 926 in Bukawara, 814, 809 and 805 in Isa Town and 604 & 609 in Sitra.
One will relate to such mines which will be auctioned and the other will cover blocks which will be alloted to the state or state entities ; One set of blocks would be put for auction where even state entities can participate.
Constituency 1 will cover Blocks 307, 308, 309, 310, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 323, 344 and 346.
The ministry's roads projects & planning director Raed Al Salah said the project will cover blocks 908, 906 and 944.
The licences are located next to the TAQA operated North Cormorant and Pelican fields in the Northern North Sea and cover blocks 211/27a, 211/27c and 211/27e.
Then they are coming to these huge complexes that cover blocks and blocks, the hugeness of the urban centre.
The licensing round lasting between August 1 and January 5, 2012 cover blocks 43, 03, 10/11, 41, 11-2/11, 05-3/11, 50, 22/03 and 12/11 in Nam Con Son, Phu Quoc and Malay-Thochu basins, Petrovietnam said in a statement.
Your dog might mark the bird well but still fail to find it because the cover blocks its scent.