cover crop

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cover crop,

green temporary crop grown to prevent or reduce erosion and to improve the soil by building up its organic content. Green-manure crops, which are specifically grown for their organic content and other feature that enable them to improve the soil, but which may be composted before being incorporated into the soil, are usually classed as cover crops. In orchards a cover crop is sometimes used to check the growth of some fruits when they reach maturity by supplying a plant that will compete with the tree for the nutriment in the soil. Cover crops are often the first means used to rehabilitate land that has become run down as the result of poor farming practices and neglect. Leguminous plants (e.g., clovers, vetches, and soybeans) and nonleguminous (e.g., rye, barley, wheat, and turnips) are used. See also catch cropcatch crop,
any quick-growing crop sown between seasons of regular planting to make use of temporary idleness of the soil or to compensate for the failure of a main crop.
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The number of tractor passes in the standard and conservation tillage plots without a cover crop was 16 and 9, respectively (table 3).
Franzluebbers and his colleagues conducted a 7-year study to assess whether grazing cover crops at a site near Watkinsville, Georgia, affects the health of soils typical of the Piedmont region of the Southeast.
Inevitably you're going to feel rushed by the season and want to get the cover crop in "on the cheap"--just scatter the seed and assume that, since no one "plants" and pampers seeds in the wild, they have a good chance of establishing.
Research has shown that in the hot and humid climate of the southeastern United States reducing tillage and using cover crops are important for increasing soil organic matter.
Upriver in Iowa, Agricultural Research Service scientists Rob Malone, Tom Kaspar, and Dan Jaynes are using the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM) to assess how using winter rye cover crops in corn-soybean rotations could mitigate nitrate loads in field drainage water.
Even at the visible level, we see that the environment under the cover crop is more alive than on the bare patch of ground.
The removal of cover crop requirements from the NVZ action programme.
In the same pass, cover crop seed, that has been mixed in the slurry tank, is delivered through drop-tubes to the fractured and loosened soil behind each set of aeration tines.
At Oklahoma State University, the density of spiders in red clover - used as a cover crop in pecan orchards - was not affected by a rise in aphid density.
This European weed--brought to the United States at the turn of the century as a cover crop to be grown and then plowed under for its nutrient value--typically germinates en masse after the first strong fall rain.
Growing a cover crop is nothing new for farmers, who have routinely plowed cover crops under as "green manure.
Each cover crop was planted in two plots (replicates) of 20m by 10m (200 [m.