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Those services come as the latest upgrade in software for the portal, which will automatically generate a cover sheet for lawyers filing civil cases.
Submissions should be sent in as a Microsoft Word attachment and be accompanied by a cover sheet that includes the writer's name, the title of the story, contact information, and word count.
The abstract and cover sheet (in Word Document format only) should emailed to bcowen@scconline.
Usually, a lesson plan will contain both an introduction or overview (sometimes called a cover sheet or top sheet) and the plan itself, the procedure.
One cover sheet showed a photo of a large Baghdad monument of two crossed swords, with a tank beneath it.
Attach a stamp and send it to the address written on the cover sheet.
Proposals for panels include: (a) a cover sheet with the session title, paper titles, and name, address, affiliation, and e-mail of each participant; (b) 300-word summary of the panel; (c) 300-word proposal for each paper; (d) one page c.
Entries must be accompanied by a cover sheet that includes entrant's name, address, title and word count.
Submissions should include a copy of the proposal cover sheet, a written proposal of no more than 500 words and, for performers, a CD or video recording of representative works featured in the presentation.
A complete application includes 1) a cover sheet (see below); 2) a detailed research proposal (a maximum of 5 pages, including illustrations; 12-point type); 3) a letter of support from the applicant's host committing to serve as a mentor and explaining his or her commitment to the proposed research, including the provision of office space and any financial commitments; 4) curriculum vitae including list of publications; 5) letters of reference from at least three professional colleagues, including the applicant's dissertation adviser.
At the Agriculture Department, where officials are concerned about agroterrorism, the Times said employees can visit the agency's website and print out a "sensitive security information" cover sheet.