covered wagon

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covered wagon:

see Conestoga wagonConestoga wagon
, heavy freight-carrying vehicle of distinctive type that originated in the Conestoga region of Pennsylvania c.1725. It was used by farmers to carry heavy loads long distances before there were railroads to convey produce to markets.
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; prairie schoonerprairie schooner,
wagon covered with white canvas, made famous by its almost universal use in the migration across the Western prairies and plains, and so called in allusion to the white-topped schooners of the sea. It was a descendant of the Conestoga wagon.
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September 6, a covered wagon leaves on a six-day trip through northern New MExico.
The kids in her class refuse to let her retire this month after 44 years of teaching until she gets the last covered wagon in their class safely along the Oregon Trail.
ALKING of covered wagons, it appears that prospectors have been busy in Calderstones Park, using metal detectors to determine whether there is gold in them there fields.
Since then we have learned to train and drive oxen; my husband drove a team of mules and a genuine covered wagon 60 miles over back roads and pastures to Mulvane, Kansas, a small town near Wichita, to an Old Settlers celebration.
Rather than the covered wagon, let us imagine Oregon's origins through the canoe, a more fitting symbol of the mixing of cultures and languages in the early history of Oregon.
Twenty-five years ago, Orville Ewing set out from Colorado to travel for his health in his small covered wagon, with donkeys for power, a nanny goat to provide fresh milk, and a dog for company.
Take The Covered Wagon in Moseley, a former Ember Inn that's been a Sizzling Pub now for three years.
The diaries and letters collected here were written by unmarried girls and young women ages 11-19, who traveled west by covered wagon in the mid- to late 19th century.
The Tallcree First Nation will host its 10th Annual Covered Wagon Train celebration June 27-July 1.
In my opinion, Peter Ridsdale would be more at home driving a covered wagon through the old West, selling bottles of Dr Ridsdale's Cure-all Elixir.
Mining the riches of the 11-volume Covered Wagon Women by Kenneth Holmes, University of Nebraska history professor Michael Tate presents a selection of the pioneer journals dating from 1848 to 1864, the peak years of the cross-country migration.
The sculpture, which is almost 15-1/2 feet long and seven feet tall, depicts a smiling, pipe-puffing pioneer woman steering a covered wagon with the assistance of her yoked bull.