cow barn

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cow barn, cow house, cow shed

A dependency used to house cattle.
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We'd been tweeting about the From 25 restoration of the Old Cow Barn and the plans to bring David here and further grow our community, but we had no idea how much interest there was until we had the fair in mid-November and were swamped with people itching to see the barn and meet our producers.
The whole installation fits nicely in a new addition built onto Jennissen's cow barn.
CUTLINE: Isabella Cote, 5, left, and Trinity Pervier, 9, peer into the cow barn yesterday during the Worcester County 4-H Fair.
50pm each day at the Udderbelly Cow Barn (Tel : 0844 545 8252) until August 31 (not 18, 25).
Attached is a single storey range of stone cow barn and stables, which could be converted into further living accommodation, a workshop or a studio subject to planning permission.
7 acres and has a further large cow barn, around 1,120 sq ft of floor area.
The pioneering low energy refurbishment, undertaken by Golcarbased Green Building Store, has transformed a derelict cow barn into an education centre.
Denney stands with Lexi and Dozer near a mostly demolished cow barn in front of a newly renovated one at her farm in Hardwick.
A walled kitchen garden has a door to the rear gardens and there is also a boiler room, cow barn with brick flooring and stalls.
On the waterfront, we'll introduce you to some scuba divers who take delight in plunging the depths no matter what time of year, and some boat builders who learn the craft in a renovated cow barn in Maine.
It's 10 in the morning and the old wooden cow barn has been bustling with activity for the past three hours.