cow shed

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cow barn, cow house, cow shed

A dependency used to house cattle.
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Shortly after it opened, the reviewer from our sister paper the Birmingham Mail wrote: "The interior has been designed to look like you are sitting inside a cow shed, complete with corrugated metal sheets.
They had plenty of experience, some of it bitter, having built the family home from an old sheep and cow shed in 2007.
William said: "We converted an old cow shed so it was cows in one building and water cups in another.
A Byron is also an old English word for a cow shed.
When the Steel family decided to renovate a derelict old tower being used as a cow shed, they knew it would be a massive task.
But due to more expense of concrete floor, farmers under field condition may construct their cow shed with earthen floor and made it hard by good ramming using pieces of stones and bricks.
The unusual idea was formed at the Cow Shed restaurant near Banchory after local chefs were challenged to develop a unique dish to help mark the launch of this year's Royal Deeside and Cairngorms Venison Festival.
LOCATED at Tughall Steads, near Newton-by-the-Sea in Northumberland, the Moo House and the Cow Shed is a recently renovated stone barn owned by Fiona McKeith of Coastal Retreats.
It also damaged the electrics to a nearby cow shed.
SHONA O'Brien and her fianc Vincent McCarthy have transformed an old cow shed into a stunning country home.
just about every outbuilding we use is referred to as a shed, whether it's the hay shed, the cow shed, the tool shed or the garden shed.