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in American history. 1 Tory marauders, adherents to the British cause in the American Revolution, who fought in the contested area of Westchester co., N.Y. Their opposite numbers, who favored the Revolutionary cause and who operated in the same territory at the same period, were called skinners. 2 Mounted men employed as herders on cattle ranches of the American West. They were more important and picturesque in the days before the vast ranches were fenced, when their duties consisted of driving cattle to pasture and water, branding them at the roundup, protecting them from wild animals and thieves, and driving them to the shipping point. See rodeorodeo
, public exhibition of the skill of cowboys in various activities. Events include riding broncos, riding steers, "bulldogging" steers, roping and tying steers and calves, the use of the lasso, and other less closely related activities such as contests of marksmanship.
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Since most shirts were collarless, cowboys used bandannas to help protect their necks from sunburn.
Allmendinger admits that little can be learned of cowboys who were men of color since their role in composing nineteenth-century oral poetry is uncertain, and they, "for whatever reason," (12) do not write cowboy poetry in the twentieth century either.
A Pre-Game Pep Rally will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort the day before every Cowboys home game.
This tremendous honor can be attributed to Cowboy Chicken's whole team, staff, and employees and their dedication to our vision," said Sean Kennedy, President Cowboy Chicken, pictured here.
Bonaventure, pushes the Cowboys into the semifinals for the second consecutive year and the third time in four years.
The American cowboy played a vital role in shaping and developing the West," said Alan E.
The Marriott DFW Airport Hotel prepared for the opening of Cowboys Stadium by adding a shuttle to and from the Dallas Cowboys home games and adding special offers that allow fans of the events the best possible experience.
The Cowboys rallied again to score the final three points to reach the semifinals.
Frontier Western Celebration: June 13-15, El Dorado: Enjoy and relive the frontier cowboy heritage.
The best way to explain Cowboy culture is: In Cowboy Music you lose you horse or your life - in Country Music you lose your dog or your wife," said Mike Fleming, Festival Director for the 2010 Cowboy Festival.
The rodeos are not recognized by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and mainly serve as fundraisers and get-togethers for the gay community.