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Unlike the earlier tixingpai sets from Ml 13, Tianma-Qucun M6214 and Hengshui Ml, the trapezoidal plaques from M92 are made from nephrite rather than ivory or bone and the set was not directly associated with cowries.
He showed us a big glass case with Buffalo Bill's white horse with saddle and harness - yes, decorated with cowrie shells.
Long ago, Somalis prized these small cowries and carried them as currency.
As he prayed for them, Ned sprinkled them with grass dipped in milk, a symbol of life, from a gourd decorated with cowrie shells.
By contrast we were welcomed at L'Auberge where, in a wood-panelled room profusely decorated with masks and cowrie shells, we too fed on fish: capitaine (Niger perch)--and chips.
As in past such crises, one might expect a shift from currencies into gold, land, jewelry, cowrie shells, and other such assets.
Democratic Republic of Congo, Vili-Kongo, Male Figure (Nkisi Nkondi), early/mid-19th century, Wood, metal, glass, fabric, fibers, cowrie shells, bones, leather, gourds, and feathers, 28 1/3" (72 cm).
On the same collecting trip, Ritson-Williams picked up a type of shelled sea creature called a cowrie and put it in the same container with the flatworm.
Five years ago, while collecting flatworms in Guam, he picked up a cowrie to give to a friend who was doing a research project on that speckled-shell mollusk.
But as they bowed their heads, Jordan noticed that each had a row of two or three cowrie shells that had been made into earrings, which hung discreetly from their pierced earlobes.
They are smiling now, but, like Gunner Jim Cowrie, they may not return.
The young Masai bride is shaven, but wore cowrie shells and beads to adorn her.