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In addition, the phenotypic character of the morphology of the gold ring cowry shell is greatly influenced by the environmental factors in which they live [36].
The common-garden experiment in this study confirmed that the gold-ringed cowry shows female-biased sexual size dimorphism (SSD) (Fig.
P, I) A young man's cleverness proves an asset when the first king of Dahomey decides to find a queen, but offers for dowry only one paltry cowry shell.
Like gourds, her breasts; hair crosshatched in tight curls bound in a leather band, cowry shells; almond eyes, brows.
98-99) includes some prices in a mysterious denomination ~L', which must be presumed to represent ~[pounds]'; and others are cited in ~oudaas' without warning the reader that this is merely a local word for cowry shells.
Society of others gives no inkling that the Korowai were influenced by the Asmat, with their rich ritual life and their splendid wood carving, or by the Muyu, with their expansive networks of cowry shell transactions.
The middle dancer is wearing a typical traditional dress from the Flathead area, the dress is decorated with cowry shells.
This study explores the use of money: metal, paper or cowry shells, as payment for services rendered rather than goods purchased.
When pressed, Thomas will name a few of his favorites--a harp shell from Madagascar ($13) and a prince cowry from the Philippines (from $700).
The 61-year-old, who is standing for the ruling Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin (FCBE) party, has been seen since his naming as Boni Yayis chosen successor.