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And it's not only wildlife that will benefit, Cardiff residents will be able to join in the fun too making crab apple jelly, elderflower cordial, dog rose syrup and sloe gin, with produce to pick, eat and enjoy for generations to come.
Not only are they edible when cooked - crab apple and bramble jelly is the best free preserve ever - but they also efficiently pollinate other apples flowering at the same time and they provide year-round interest.
Try these too: Spirea, flowering cherry and plum, witch hazel, pussy willow, flowering crab apple, winter jasmine and flowering quince.
And I like this crab apple pie," said Mole as he reached for another piece.
The cocktail list is also an eyeopener with titles such as One For The Toffs and Pop Your Cherry competing for attention alongside something called the Crab Apple Martini.
Last Fall, these ladies donated two flowering crab apple trees and we held a special tree planting ceremony with tree planting expert Chuck Neville in attendance, along with Nathalie Arnold, attache to David Price MP, and members of Little Forks Branch.
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Wouldn't a crab apple look good on her purple shorts?
If you are looking for flowers, consider one of the crab apple varieties, such as Malus floribunda, the Japanese crab, which is adorned with blush pink and white fragrant flowers in spring and is slow growing, or the Malus 'Royal Beauty', which bears deep red-purple flowers and small dark red fruits.
One of the most glorious trees in my garden this week – and probably for the next month – is a big crab apple, Malus Golden Hornet, that stands by the side of the track.
A medium-sized tree, such as mountain ash or crab apple, will sit happily in a smaller area.
If you have a woodland garden you can naturalise an open glade with a crab apple, a mahonia or a holly.