crambe maritima

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sea kale

sea kale

The almost perfect food. The entire plant is edible. Grows on coastal beaches, but you can grow it in your backyard also. A perennial kale that keeps coming back year after year. Comes up early in spring time and thrives again in the fall, November, December. They love shady wet soil. The leaves can be made into a salad like normal kale and the roots can be eaten raw or cooked. A great travel food. Very high in vitamin C. Collard-like leaves, beautiful white flowers. Young shoots good raw or steamed like asparagus. Should be eaten shortly after picking.
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In the flowerbeds you'll usually find red hot pokers, sea kale, crambe maritima, and the thistle- like sea holly eryngium maritinum.
Some plants, such as Crambe maritima, have huge roots as thick as a garden hose.