crane gantry

gantry crane

A revolving crane, positioned atop a movable pedestal that travels along tracks; can reach a more extensive area of a construction site than a stationary crane of similar size.
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Tenders are invited for Conversion of 3rd and 4th bay of B-shed to higher crane gantry and associated modification for 300m length ,Extension of B-shed crane gantry upto A shed and conversion of A&B gantry to 30m transfer bay and removal of cross gantry in A&B gantry (C) Construction of shed for wheel line 100m x 20m in Sheil division with one 5 T gantry (D) Extension of commissioning shed by 60 m in western side in Furnishing factory (E) Provision of compound wall in Shell factory (F) Provision of toilet inside Shell / LOCO factory (G) Painting of structures at ICF estate in connection with 2750 coaches project.
The plans also included the addition of an extra crane gantry area, providing customers with the ability to load their own containers or carry out pre-site assembly or other processes.
The company has been appointed to carry out work in Peterlee for Philadelphia Structures on the construction of new hard standings and foundations for a new overhead crane gantry.
I've watched the replays at home, and the shots from the huge crane gantry are fascinating.
Contractors discovered a nest on a crane gantry near the iron granulation plant at Corus Teesside Cast Products (TCP).
The door handles are huge plating rivets, there's a mini iron crane gantry behind the bar, and the candlesticks in the corners are formed from coils of tug chains.
Onlookers gasped in horror when the crane gantry burst into flames - fearing its base would collapse.
Limited Tenders are invited for Repair Of Eot Crane Gantry At Ht Ndt Shop.
The supply, the establishment of a mobile crane gantry and its associated rail,
5 The Lamp Assembly Should Be Able To Withstand Vibration Of Crane Movement On Crane Gantry 6 The Tender Shall Enclose Technical Catalogue Of Offered Make And Model.
Tenders are invited for An open auction in electronic form on the right to sign the agreement to perform activities on lot "Replacing the crane gantry type 200/32 and concrete crane girders" (Lot number 38-Upgrade-2016 ZeyGES)
Tenders are invited for Dismantling/ replacement/ fitting of eot crane gantry track line of bogie shop.