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To round out the new line up of Cranky George, Sebastian Sheehan Visconti, a sound designer and sound effects editor who notably worked on the television series The Muppets and The Flash, joined on percussion.
I do not always see a supervisor coddling the cranky employee, but sometimes co-workers feel that their only alternative is to handle this person with kid gloves.
Mom's cranky," I heard him caution the others, astonishment in his voice.
A cranky, reclusive Swiss, he religiously ate alone at the Rompanneau, his newspaper propped against his carafe of wine.
In the web-browser based 3D game for PC and Mac, the Freaky Pets[TM] go from cute to cranky in just one click.
Cranky Cat is March's first game not tied to an existing intellectual property, and marks the company's foray into "pure" casual gaming just for the fun of it.
If the mayor thinks I'm cranky, I can probably be able to help him by proving it.
Colin the Cranky Kookaburra Little Steps Pub, 2009 unpaged $16.
OUR fantastic free Thomas & Friends giveaway continues with the superb No Sleep For Cranky.
WILLIE MULLINS started the new year as he finished the old one, bringing his post-Christmas score to 12 wins when Cranky Corner outclassed his rivals in the bumper, winning by six lengths under the trainer's son Patrick.
I would/ draw her but she's/ way past sleep and sheds her/ quiet like tickertape/ down the long hallway, talking/ cranky and offkey.
The themes and images are drawn from common childhood experiences including the first day of school, snow days, interminable traffic, cranky neighbors, splashing in springtime puddles, playing neighborhood baseball games, trying to make it to the "Grownup Table" at Thanksgiving, and more