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But, on the afternoon of her third day at the hospital Susan's blood and oxygen levels plunged - and a crash team had to be called.
UDIs play a critical role in one of the primary goals for healthcare IT: bridging information silos, whether the information is needed at the bedside, in the hallway or elevator, between units, on a crash team or in the ED.
When they arrived at the hospital, a crash team was waiting outside and whisked Amber to a separate room where they battled to save her.
com reported that Hoover faces an investigation by the Fatal Alcohol Crash Team.
Mrs Martin was resuscitated by a crash team and rushed back to theatre, where the bleeding was stopped.
Just months before deployment, my crash team went to NAS Pensacola for the Aircraft-Firefighting, Shipboard Team-Trainer course.
Within minutes a crash team was called and before we knew what was happening they were 'working on her'.
It took the crash team 45 minutes to revive me and the last attempt to get my heart working properly was going to be the final one.
As he waits, the crash team arrives and do everything they can, but Tina doesn't make it.
Following last week's calamitous drop, Tina's in a critical condition, but it's about to get a whole lot worse when she rapidly deteriorates and the hospital crash team rush in to try and resuscitate her.