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While other manufacturers produce suitable lures that can be turned around and fished the "wrong" way, Meyer says the folks at Jackall engineered the Sasuteki Craw to be rigged backward.
Craw, like his co-workers, said although he was most interested in seeing the day-today aircraft operations aboard the ship, he was happy seeing the ship's engineering spaces.
It's no wonder Craw highlights this, since the level of support from Grampian Enterprise - including funding for research and development work and supporting the cost of hiring in NPD expertise - is probably higher than that available in any other region of the UK.
Simon Craw to the position of Executive Vice President with responsibility for Business Development and Investor Relations.
What really sticks in the craw is that dozens of Whitehall fatcats are pocketing up to PS17,500 on top of vast salaries while taking cash from the poor.
The sight of a nearpensioner prince bedecked in awards of lineage, not lionheartedness, sticks in my republican craw.
It sticks in the craw that it it is cheaper to have the basics of life on the inside while life gets harder by the day for those on the right side of the law.
Dorothy Craw, manager of charity, said seeing the pair at work had been "wonderful".
It must have stuck in her craw and who can blame her?
Dorothy Craw project manager at Recyke y'Bike, said: "We are so grateful to Peter and to all the people who have donated bikes since we started.
Try a 3-inch plastic craw (black/blue or blue flake) on a 1/4-ounce "shaky head" typejighead on 8-or 10-pound fluorocarbon, and fish it in fast bends or at the base of shoals.
Jack, who had been taking part in an "encounter show" at a zoo in Sydney, said last night: "The seal lion bit me on the stomach and then, as I tried to craw away, it bit me on the back.